Click here: Natural Crystals Fuel Invisibility Cloak

Well now, it appears some genius had the idea of turning a human being into a vanishing act. Fucking brilliant. To be honest, I don’t believe that there are any good reasons for being invisible that make up for all the bad. It is without question that with invisibility in the hands of human beings, the amount of rape, murder, robbery, and destruction of property is going to soar sky-high. Now, like all precious technology, the “Invisibility Cloak” is fueled by a natural resource. The Calcite Crystal is found (mostly) in Iceland, which, if the invisibility cloak goes global, will be drilled harder than a gangbang pornstar with a fourth hole. Because the crystal splits the entering light into two rays, it is actually the size of the crystal, not the size of the “cloak” that controls how large an object can be shrouded. So, if you ever see a woman’s clothes being torn off by the air, or a knife floating towards a man’s throat…don’t think twice.

One Response to “Invisibility”
  1. Yul says:

    Jake thanks for the info. I’m getting those crystals!!!
    You’re brilliant buddy!!!

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